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Our story

Judith Diallo, Founder & CEO

After having my son in 2017, I started having pain in my joints and I thought this was normal and what came with recovering from child birth, especially since other people have told me that they went through something similar. As the pain got worse, I started seeing multiple doctors and was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). Even though I somehow expected the diagnosis, it still came as a huge shock. The pain was unbearable and normal daily activities became impossible to do. I couldn't even lift my son out of his crib or change his diaper. 

Very early on, I knew that I would do anything to change this around and I am quite stubborn when I put my mind to something (just ask my husband). I started reading everything I could get my hands on about people who healed themselves from this autoimmune disease. One of the life changing books was from Clint Paddison (www.paddisonprogram.com), an Australian guy who got RA and shares his knowledge with others now. I bought his ebook and will forever be grateful for it. He promotes an eating program that consists of an all natural way to healing, scientific-evidence based guidelines surrounding diet, exercise, supplementation and stress management to provide fast inflammation relief. I implemented the diet and saw a reduction in pain within about 2 weeks. I was a believer even though it was not easy. Going from eating very poorly (lots of sweets, bread and pasta, to name a few) to getting on a plant based diet with no oil and sugar was hard and sometimes brought me to tears. Slowly I found recipes that I enjoyed and it became easier. After about a year, I experimented with items that previously brought on pain and am now able to tolerated them. I am still strict with no gluten, no dairy, no white sugar and no meat. I actually prefer eating this way now and would not go back to my old diet even if I could as I feel so much better overall. Gone are the days of being tired after a meal, being bloated and having sugar crashes. 

This new life means reading every package ingredients list and putting about 90% right back on the shelf in the supermarket. I no longer eat items with natural or artificial flavors, colors, high fructose corn syrup, Maltodextrin, just to name a few. Basically any packaged food item you find in a regular supermarket. Now, it is not only important what you put in your body but also what you put on your body. This means I am as diligent with choosing natural beauty products as well as cleaning supplies.

Since I was interested in gaining more knowledge about food, I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in New York in 2018 as I wanted to learn more about health and nutrition. 

With my story, I hope to inspire people with autoimmune or other health conditions, showing that many things can be achieved through nutrition, exercise and a positive mindset (although hard when in pain) as well as perseverance.

Books I recommend: 

About nutrition 

  • The Paddison Program ebook (www.paddisonprogram.com)
  • Life-Changing Foods (Anthony William) 
  • The Wahls Protocol (dr.terrywahls.com)
  • How not to die (Dr. Michael Greger) 

About changing your mindset and changing your life

  • Heal (a documentary on Netflix)
  • Dr. Joe Dispenza (www.drjoedispenza.com). Movies also available on Gaia. 

I am so excited for this new journey where I can offer plant based food, natural cosmetics and cleaning supply on my website where you don't have to read the labels and can trust that I did the research for you. I hope anyone that is using cleaner products, inside and out, can see positive improvements in how they feel as there is nothing more important than your health.